Glue spreaders with conveyors for PVA glue

Type GA with marking set

Gluing with marking set is designed for two sided application of glue on the surface of flat elements, while a hidden marking – blades are by embossing to a depth of timber identified – marked and later glued. Marking set allows marking of 16 signs that are repeated at approx. 500mm. The spreader consists of non-powered inlet roller conveyor, marking set, spreading unit and non-powered outlet disc conveyor. The spreader is on a common frame on wheels.


Tehnical specifications

Working width:
200 – 400 mm
Diameter of roller:
140 mm
Feeding speed:
20 m/min
Infeed roller conveyor
Length of infeed roller conveyor:
1500 – 3000 mm
Outfeed lath/disc conveyor
Length of out feed lath/disc conveyor:
1500 – 4000 mm

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